Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Blizzard of '10

We experienced one of the worst snow blizzards the state of Maryland has seen in decades on Friday and Saturday (6&7 Feb). In fact, the last time Baltimore had such a big snow storm was in 1920's! It was non stop snow fall and not your tame, beautiful snow fall but rather a blizzard like storm.
And now it's mayhem out there; two days after the storm, the city is still in shambles. Only 33% of the roads have been cleared up according to the mayor and we're in for more snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. I have no idea what that is going to do to a city that's already struggling to clear it all up but it can't be good. Many schools/universities have called for an official "snow day" today because no one can drive their cars around and public transport is also incredibly limited. Many of the side roads are still full of snow and there is no possible way of getting around it; the roads that are clear are wet and slippery and a little dangerous to drive on.

Armid has the day off too but instead of being able to enjoy it, poor guy has to study! So this just means that we're house bound for a good couple of days...I'm hoping not for too long otherwise cabin fever will set in!

Below are a few pictures from a few hours after the snow storm subsided!

snowball fight anyone?

view from our apartment

one of the streets leading to our apartment

one of the many cars covered in snow

This is all a rather big change from the tropical weather we were used to for the last two years! But also fun as we get to go sledding, have snow ball fights and get nice and cold, all right in our own front yard :)
Till the next time...